Are You an Adult and Ready to Work at FUMC Waco? Start Here.

Thank you for your interest in working at First Methodist Church of Waco! We are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful individuals who use their gifts to serve others and the Lord. Before you can be employed at FUMC Waco, we have a few safety requirements that you must complete.

Please note that you must complete ALL of the below steps. In order to simplify this process, all of the steps here can be done online! Thank you for following our procedures to complete this process.

1. Fill out an Application Form

2. Fill out the following forms with contact info for the following:

A Personal Reference

A Professional Reference

A Family Member Reference

3. Download the MinistrySafe Manual and sign the acknowledgement

4. Book an interview with the human resource department.

 - Please contact Cindy Knapek at to set up an interview.

5. Watch the MinistrySafe Video (you'll receive this link via email)