Kids' Kastle

First United Methodist Church offers a Parents' Day Out program called "Kids' Kastle." You can enroll your child for Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Kids' Kastle is open from 8:45 am - 2:30 pm We have classes for children ages six months through five years.

Kids' Kastle classes are taught by loving, caring workers who have been trained in CPR, First Aid and receive on-going training for age-appropriate care and activities. Daily activities include a snack, art, playtime, story time, outside time, lunch and naptime. Parents are required to bring a balanced lunch for their child each day.

Kids' Kastle is licensed by the State of Texas and governed by our Preschool Board of Directors. As a licensed facility, we are required to have health and shot records (with no exceptions) before a child can stay in our program. All records must be completed or signed by a physician before a child will be allowed to attend Kids' Kastle.

What to bring to Kids' Kastle:

  • A nutritious lunch.
  • Two drinks-one for snack and one for lunch.
  • Eating utensils, drinks, sippy cups and bottles as needed.
  • A change of clothing.
  • Any item that will help your child rest better. We will provide a crib, cot or mat. Please bring that special blanket, doll, etc., that your child needs to sleep.
  • Label everything!

Contact our Weekday Preschool and Kids' Kastle Director, Susan Barnett, or Assistant Director, Sarah Hamm for more information at 254.772.5636.

Wacoan Magazine has voted our "Parents' Day Out" program #1, for more than ten years in a row!