God, Steve and money

April 19, 2017
God, Steve and money

on dollar bill

I've learned a lot about God and money from Steve in the past 27 years. The most enduring image for me is Steve's reminder that all resources come from the Lord and fully belong to the Lord. What we call "ours" is really just His, on temporary loan to us. So, the issue is always good stewardship of the Master's resources.

Steve has taught his staff a lot about how to spend money, and frankly how not to spend it! He has always reminded us from time to time that the money we are contemplating spending is money perhaps an elderly person on a fixed income has chosen to faithfully give to the Lord. It's not "play money." All spending is serious. Steve is quick to ask, "How will spending this money grow God's kingdom? Or will it do anything real at all?" Many times I have pictured a faithful Saint with limited resources and decided if the investment I was considering was going to grow God's church or just make life easier. It's good to consider such things often.

Another thing I've seen in Steve consistently is amazing generosity. When the thing is right Steve is a generous giver. So many people in needy spots in their journey have been helped along because of Steve's faithful and generous stewardship. First Methodist is a giving body of Christ!

I believe God has used Steve's attention to finances to bless First Waco incredibly. My understanding is that our church was in debt when Steve showed up, a debt of several million dollars. Through God's grace and faithful stewardship, our church has not only eliminated all debt but also been incredibly generous to local and foreign missions and projects. Treasures in Heaven church, because you gave faithfully and Steve has led us to responsible investment in the Kingdom of God.

Through all of this I am learning more and more about the nature of our Heavenly Father. He is good. He wants good for His children. He calls us to be faithful. As Jesus said several times, whoever is faithful with little can be trusted with much. I wanted to thank Steve and First Methodist for helping me become more faithful, more generous, more Kingdom-oriented. To God be the glory!