Holy Saturday: Waiting

April 15, 2017
Holy Saturday: Waiting

The expanse of time between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is not insignificant. 

It is a day for waiting.

You've waited before, right?

Waited in traffic,
waited for news after a job interview,
waited on medical test results that could change everything,
waited on a phone call,
waited for the next paycheck to deposit,
waited for your circumstances to change,
waited on a phase to pass. 

I don't wait well. A day between two world-changing events should be used for something, right? And in my reality, it's used for making food for our Sunday School class tomorrow, ironing the kids' Easter clothes, stuffing little plastic eggs, cleaning up the house...

but for now, in these first hours of the morning, I'm not going to miss the waiting.

The day after Jesus died was the Sabbath. The disciples would have been doing Sabbath things--resting, eating, spending time with loved ones, worshipping. Well, they would be doing the Sabbath things that they could muster from the great depths of their grief and utter disorientation. Their teacher, their lord, their king, their hope was dead. It was the day after death. Perhaps there wasn't much joy in that Sabbath day.

We don't know much about what Jesus was doing. I imagine he welcomed the rest of Sabbath after the unbelievable physical and emotional trauma he had endured in the day prior. Early church tradition suggests he didn't rest for long--that he descended to the dead, inviting all those who had died to believe and come to the Father through him.

But like the disciples, we wait. 

But unlike the disciples, we wait with hope, for we know that tomorrow the sun will rise and we will proclaim that "Jesus Christ is risen today!"

May you be blessed on this holy Saturday as you wait.


Pastor Molly Simpson joined the staff of First Methodist in July as an Associate Pastor. She is delighted to be back in Waco, the city in which she met her husband Ben more than 15 years ago. Molly and Ben graduated from Baylor and have since lived in Dallas, Kansas City and Fort Worth. They have two adorable children, and their whole family loves to serve God in ministry together.