Just Five Minutes

June 2, 2017
Just Five Minutes

I try to write something for our church blog on Fridays. That's my hope, but that's not always what happens. I was thinking about this today while doing other things--but knowing I need to get something up here today.

So why doesn't it happen? Well, frankly, because these things take time to write. And I'm a teensy bit of a perfectionist. So I mentally need an hour to sit down an write a blog post. And there are all kinds of things that pop up on Fridays. I'm typically the only pastor in the office, and I make hospital visits, and I have things to get in order for the weekend's worship services. And, and, and...

Of course those things don't account for my WHOLE day... but too often I have half an hour or just five minutes until then next thing on my calendar. So I don't get started, and I say, "I'll do that later." 

If you're thinking, "Molly, get to the point," about now, hang with me because here it comes.

Don't we do this with our prayer time too? 

(No? Just me?)

How many times do we say to ourselves, "I've only got 5 minutes, I'll pray later." Or we think that we need a full 30 or 60 minutes if we are going to dedicate some quiet time to God. And the schedule keeps driving us forward until our head hits the pillow, and we missed out on an opportunity to converse with the Lord?

And so... I'll wrap this up right here, hopefully you have "just five minutes" before the next thing you have to do. 


Do it now. 

There's no need to wait until you have a longer stretch. 

Jesus is there, standing at the door, waiting for you to answer.

Do it now.