The Unexpected Hour

February 28, 2018

"The Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect Him." V. 44 (NIV)

Reading: Matthew 24:36-44
Reflection by Wayne Williams

I remember for at least a year someone rented a large billboard on the east side of I-35 (around Bruceville-Eddy, I think) that gave a date for Jesus to return to the earth. It was specific, like August 14, 2024. I drove by that billboard so many times, and thought often of this verse. We simply do not know. And it really bothers us, not knowing!

The point Jesus seems to be making goes something like "no matter how hard you try, you will NOT know exactly when I am returning; so therefore be ready at any moment."

"But Jesus," we may say to ourselves," if You would just tell us when You are coming, we would most definitely be ready." Actually, we would probably try to live the way we wanted...until the day before He returned. I don't think the Son of God came to rescue us so we could only pay attention to Him on our penultimate day!

However, most of us probably think we would go ahead and be ready for Jesus' return, if we knew the exact day. For those who think that way, let me ask: do you ever shop for Christmas the week before December 25? Have you ever waited until April 14 to get your taxes together? Or maybe filed an extension? Do you find yourself running into HEB the morning of your anniversary, praying there are fresh roses? We put things off. But Jesus, God's only Son, will not be put off! His return will be matter what the billboards say!

Prayer: Lord, help me to be ready Today as I live my life fully for You. Amen.

Action Point: What is one thing you would say to someone in your family if Today were the final day? Say it!